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Warrior Club

Here are some mama warriors wise words as they reflect on their birth experience:

Mama Warrior: Lauren

Mama Warrior: Laura

Mama Warrior: Lauren

"Maybe this is your first baby, or maybe it is your third. Maybe you have been happy with your birth experiences, maybe you are scared of the whole idea, or maybe you have had traumatic birth experiences in the past. Maybe you just have big plans for how your labor and delivery should go. That last example was me, and I knew that having a doula would help me create and carry out the birth plan I wanted. Amy may not have been able to convince my daughter to follow that birth plan exactly (how funny now to think I could control it at all!), but she certainly made sure that my wishes and desires were honored, giving me the most powerful and amazing birth experience I could have imagined." 

Mama Warrior: Laura

Mama Warrior: Crystal

"I hired Amy Vaknin as my doula in May 2014, as I prepared to welcome my first child in July 2014. From the very beginning, she filled me up with confidence and support. She spent time with me and my husband at our first meeting, asking lots of questions about our dreams and hopes. At our prenatal meeting, she was so thorough, asking about what comfort measures I preferred, suggesting mantras I could use, and trying to determine how best to support me during the labor and delivery process. She sent me periodic texts and emails, checking in and supporting me. And when the big day finally arrived, I was comforted to have her by my side throughout the process. Having her there really made me feel like no matter what happened, I would be supported."

Dada Warrior: Orlando

"We must understand that childbirth is fundamentally a spiritual, as well as a physical, achievement.  The birth of a child is the ultimate perfection of human love." 
~Grantly Dick-Read

Baby Girl Warrior: Ziggy

"I cannot recommend Amy highly enough to support you in your birth process. I consider her a dear friend now. She allowed me to become a warrior in my transition into becoming a mom, and I can’t thank her enough."

Mama Warrior: Jen

"Amy was Fantastic!!! She knew exactly how to offer help, to get me through the process of natural labor, a goal that I am so proud and thankful to have achieved! She stayed by my side, and was an awesome guide! No matter your birth plan, she is sure to be a pillar of strength! She is a Warrior, and I am as well!"

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